Departments' introduction

Foreign Workers Services department

Foreign labor division was established in 1992, as the government allowed foreign manpower to Taiwan. The purpose of this department is to introduce foreign workers to domestic enterprises.

Pan Asia foreign workers department provide services such as planning, cost analysis and recommendations, agency assessment of the application procedures for the medium-term and high-quality workers, immigration-related procedures and testing, and even the introduction of foreign workers to work and life issues. This complete service allows customers not only to find effective solution for lack of manpower, but also to save costs on labor recruitment.

Our professional team undertakes ongoing internal and external education and training. Together with the 20 years of experience, our foreign workers department has become the leading agency on the island.


  1. Professional Consultation: Our department has specialties that are highly trusted by employers.
  2. High Effectiveness: To ensure high efficiency, the electronic system is applied to monitor the projects' progress.
  3. Excellent Quality: Both tests and training courses are drawn on to reinforce the foreign workers' abilities.
  4. Good Services: To offer all-inclusive services, we cling to the principle that "Clients come the first, services should be the best."
  5. Profitability Enhancement: We endeavor to help clients decrease their costs.


  1. Our department obtains 3A accreditations from the Council of Labor Affairs.
  2. There are 11 branches, which work together to provide effective and efficient services.
  3. The oversea branches are established to lessen the extra charges of commission and to fully control the labor quality and the progress of projects.
  4. The computerized platforms are applies both in local and oversea branches.
  5. The dormitories are built to achieve total training management.
  6. The town-house-style dorms are designed to ensure safety and decrease illegal escapement.
  7. Short-range Arrangement: The dorms are near to the factories to make the workers save transportation fees and have more leisure time.
  8. Dual Guarantee: We provide VIP services for our clients; once one branch signs the contract, the head offices will be responsible for the contract performance.
  9. Abundant Experiences: We have introduced more than 7000 foreign workers from a wide range of countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.