About Us

Pan Asia Human Resources Consulting Company was established in July, 1992. We are the first human resources company nationwide that obtained ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems Certification. By now, we have already become multinational manpower resources organization. Our offices serve as mediators for foreign laborers, mentors for short-time manpower dispatching, job bank, head-hunters for senior officers’ positions, and as service centers for executives’ business management educational programs. Our priorities are to always take in account our clients’ needs, be step ahead of our customers, and continuously provide the most comprehensive services.

Pan Asia Human Resources Group is based in Taiwan, but operates also in mainland China. Our group integrates eight institutions. By constant development and innovation we provide our customers with the most complete and effective services.

  Our Business Philosophy

  Our Business Vision

Our goal is : To become one of the three leading human resources companies in Taiwan.

Pan Asia Human Resources has substantial managerial team, and integrated, abundant experience. We promote sincere and honest organizational culture, which reflects in all-embracing human resources services we provide. The strength of our team, and our fast development has already put us on the road to our ultimate goal of becoming the leading human resources company in Taiwan.

Our next goal is : To become one of the leading multinational human resources companies in all Asia.

In order to be able to reach the above-mentioned goal, we came up with four areas of excellence that distinguish us from the others:

Language excellence
Mastering foreign languages and understanding uniqueness of various ethnic groups is essential prerequisite of the Chinese Asia dynamic political and economical development.

Excellence in cooperation and partnership
We have more than ten years of experience in cooperating with human resources from Southeast Asia (The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and others). During this time we have already established trusted and enriching partnerships that have allowed us to saturate local markets quickly at any time.

Excellence in all-embracing development of human resources
Our eight departments cover all spheres of human resources management and development and can be rated as complete HR services. Our teams operate such a development mechanism that can adjust at no time to local businesses and organizational needs in order to successfully work through any project.

Customer Benefits
By following profound, deeply rooted Asian strategy and tactics, we cooperate with our existing Taiwanese customers; we establish trusted, long-term business relationships and provide on-the-spot, impeccable services.